HD30 430MM Clutch Disc For Hyundai 15T

Item Details
Product type Clutch Disc for Truck

Clutch Facing ,(ceramic ,copper , organic , free)
Clutch plate (bao steel , better steel),
Spring(Longer life time , Better performance . 60Si2Mn /55CrSi)
Hub (45#steel ),Rivets

Brand Name Terbon
Size Oem Standard , 280mm,310mm, 330mm , 350mm, 365mm, 380mm, 395mm,400mm, 420mm, 430mm Clutch Parts
Delivery date 50 days
MOQ 30 Pieces
Application For: HYUNDAI
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1.Better Facing . Copper Clutch buttons , clutch facing with copper ,better performance . Ceramic clutch buttons
2. Longer life time . Better steel , strong springs , better clutch facing . All makes our clutch disc have longer life time .
3. More comfortable . Our clutch disk/clutch disc have better comfort degree .
4. We can supply clutch disc for Chinese truck , Russian Truck ,European Truck , Korean Truck , Japanese Truck , American Truck . Like Like ISUZU , NISSAN , SUZUKI , BENZ,VOLVO,MAN,RENAULT,BYD,FAW,DONGFENG,YUTONG , KINGLONG,KAMZA.

We are professional in making and designing various clutch accessories and brake parts!
If you are interested,just feel free to contact us,we will be at your service any time!


The products of our company are provided only as accessories of these brands. If 
infringement is involved, please contact me immediately for deletion. Thank you.
HD30 430MM Clutch Disc For Hyundai 15T

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