357609527E Brake Shoe zapata de freno For AUDI
  • Production Description

Car Make AUDI Size L:115,W:40,T:4
Certification ISO, EMARK, AMECA Packing Quality Packing
Reference Numbers 357609527E MOQ 100 SETS
Attribute Excellent stopping power without squeals
Life Anti-abrasive material and more than 30,000kms lifetime 
Material semi-metallic, low-metal, ceramic
Surface paint, powder coat; electronic paint
Advantages 1)Able to processing with supplied samples and trademark
2)Available to use customers packing box with customer brand
Warranty If there is any quality problem, we will supply the same quantity goods with free charge to you

Production Lines have to go through 25 processes, from raw materials to test to package. Each process is controlled strictly by technicians.
  1. Automatic machines improve working efficiency greatly.
  2. Overmolding and Orthopedic processes guarantee the quality and appearance
  3. Glue for brake lining is used to bond with back plate. Clue for steel plate is used to improve appearance and prevent rust.
How to test the quality of brake shoe first time
  1. Whether there is gap in welding section or not. You can look at welding section face to light, if you can’t see lights, it is better.
  2. If the glue leak out affect good appearance or not.
  3. If brake lining and steel plate are justified at a line.
  4. The thickness of brake lining. Thinner and lower quality.
  5. Frictional resistance and friction coefficient.
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Yancheng Terbon Auto Parts Co., Ltd is specialized in brake and clutch parts.    
We supply brake pads, brake shoes, brake disc, clutch dics, clutch covers, clutch release bearing, clutch kits
and other brake and clutch parts for Japanese, korean, European, American vehicles.  
The following are some car models:          
TOYOTA     AUDI          
HONDA     BENZ          
ISUZU     BMW          
SUZUKI     RENAULT          
NISSAN     PEUGEOT          
SUBARU     CITROEN          
MAZDA     FIAT          
DAIHATSU     VOLVO          
LEXUS     SKODA          
INFINITI     SAAB          
HYUNDAI     DODGE          
KIA     FORD          
DAEWOO     JEEP          
  • Packing and Shipping

Packaging Details Neutral Packing, Terbon Packing,
Client's Packing,Corrugated Box,Wooden case,
Pallet for Auto Car Parts Brake Pads for Mercedes Benz Sprinter
Port Shanghai,Ningbo,Qingdao
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E.        24 hours online.

The products of our company are provided only as accessories of these brands.If 
infringement is involved, please contact me immediately for deletion. Thank you.

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